Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jack Ma in India ..

Jack Ma of www.alibaba.com with PM Modi.. Jack Ma is interested in only the B2B space in the country as it offers great promise in terms of growth as also in terms of getting small Indian businesses grow and go global.

Jack Ma personally worth $23 billion, at position 33 in global fortune mag list, is six notches higher than the richest Indian - 'shady' oil baron Mukesh Ambani.

Wishing Jack Ma all good wishes in helping shake up the Indian B2B sector to help it realise greater efficiencies, helping set  efficient supply chain infrastructure and realise greater ptoductivity.in retail and B2B transactions. ( leave the indian piglings amazon, flipkart and snapdeal to realise their potential).



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

India and the world !!

I am amazed at what my forefahers 300 years before could achieve !!

With a democratic India overtaking China in GDP growth (still about a third of the largest, the Chinese economy) will the falling price of oil further help India to consolisate the position ?

From third position it is not far that India overtake the no.2 economy US.  It is in both countries' interests to have mutually beneficial economic and technological partnerships to show the world that democracy is better than dictatorships, kingdoms, one party rule and so on.

See the murder, pillage, violence, executions, sorrow, grief etc  happening elsewhere while India is peacefully and slowly trodding with firm steps, with irs own minor shortcomings whatsoever, thanks to an ever vigilant and vibrant democracy, to become the numero uno country of the world !! Leading the world economically, culturally, spiritually and socially.

Track the orange shaded area in the graph from 1820 AD. University of Groningen, Netherlands

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mangalyaan - a resounding success ..

Any country can go to space with loads of prestige and money pumped into the space program. But to achieve it with cost conscious efforts is the clinching factor. To ensure sustainability of inter-planetary missions in the long run, to reach other planets expending minimum energy and to execute near perfect missions, requires grit, intelligence, hard work, team effort and determination.

ISRO, (Indian Space Research Organisation) the world looks up to you to undertake affordable, sustainable and economically viable missions to inter-stellar space FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND in the near future.

On Mangalyaan completing six months in Martian orbit, the nation gives a big salute to all scientists, and support staff at ISRO for the excellent team work, grit and determination to help India place its first step in space.

All good wishes from the people of the world !!


Monday, March 23, 2015

OPEC, US and Russia, where is oil headed to ??

Energy is a hot topic any day, as without energy one cannot survive in this world. 

Just a year back, crude oil was hovering at around $ 150 per barrell. Exactly 12 month later, we find oil pices have fallen drastically, now it is quoting at $48/barrell. It is headed further South and bound to touch $20/ barrell by the year end ?? What is the impact of this on the world ?

How has the world come to this state ? 

1. OPEC is not ready to cut its production fearing losing market share

2. US wants to exploit shale oil and gas through fracking and assert its dominance on oil

3. US wants to exploit more shale oil with better efficicncy

4. Russian oil is losing demand and prices are falling. 60 roubles are needed to get a US dollar now.

China and India are benefiting from this global oil glut. How will it benefit the world ?


Doing Business - Measuring Business Regulations - World Bank Group

An interesting website resource from World Bank on the facts and metrics related to doing business across 189 countries of the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe ..


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Narayana Murthy : Entrepreneurship and the Lessons Learnt from My Corporate Journey - CornellCast

Mr Narayana Murthy of Infosys, speaking at Cornell University on Entrepreneurship..

Great stuff for my students ..


Who is this contemporary Indian ?

Can you name a contemporary Indian who has delivered invited lectures / commencement/ convocation addresses at the following prestigious international venues (and at scores of important venues within the country)
1. Harvard University
2. Cornell uty
3. Stanford uty
4. Wharton school of business
5. Stern school of business NY
6. INSEAD spain
7. IESE Barcelon
8. George Washington Uty
9. Uty of Texas
10. Bloomberg Leadership Inst, NY
11. Global brand Forum Singapore etc .. ???

Its our own ....

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Reducing traffic congestion in Bangalore city, Results of Brainstorming and Affinity Diagram.

This morning I discussed the issue of two tools which we use quite frequently in Lean Operations, Brainstorming and Affinity Diagram. The class of 57 from Sem 2 Operations stream in MBA in Alliance University, Bangalore was given the topic of "Reducing traffic congestion in Bangalore city" for brainstorming and then suggesting the top 5 implementable ideas (cost, effort, time and resource wise).

There were 8 groups of about 7-8 members each. Each group member was asked to suggest one creative idea each (keeping the creative right hemisphere of brain working and shutting off the rational left hemisphere of brain) in each of the three rounds for each group (in about 25 minutes) to help solve the traffic congestion problem in Bangalore city. From the approximate 18-20 ideas generated by each group, exercising only the left rational hemisphere of brain (shutting out the creative right hemisphere), the group was asked to reduce the number of ideas to 5 ( time, cost, effort and resource wise).

Some of the good ideas classified as per the subject areas are listed here.


1. Using CCTV
2. Proper city planning
3. Using drones for last-mile delivery
4. Green corridor
5. Smart signals
6. Google maps
7. Using signals of congestion from mobile phone towers and warning motorists to take alternate less congested routes


1. Car pooling
2. more walking
3. improving effectiveness of traffic police
4. extensive use of bicycles and bicycle stands across city


1. Extend metro to more places and encourage people to use more metro services
2. encourage people to use public transport/company transport more
3. increase comfort in public transport systems
4. use double-decker buses

Roads and Infrastructure

1. Use more of underground roads
2. widen existing roads
3. use elevated parking and free roads from parking
4. avoid U-turns on important roads
5. build more flyovers
6. build more underpasses and
7. build emergency lanes for ambulances etc to move freely


1. split 8 hrs to 2 four hour working slots and ask people to choose 
2. split a day into 3 four hour working slots and give flexibility to employees to choose which ever four hour slots they wish to work
3. flexible working days of five from Monday to Saturday, making Sunday mandatory off


1. Peak traffic tolls at toll plazas to be increased to double or triple normal rates discouraging people from commuting at peak traffic times.
2. Increase the cost of petrol and diesel to discourage private travel
3. reduce public transportation rates


1. heavy fines for traffic rule violation and lane violation
2. make licensing strict
3. levy heavy fines on buses that stop in the middle of roads
4. increase awareness of traffic rules to ease traffic flow
5. increase heavily road tax for private vehicles
6. 5S implementation - allotting separate lanes for diff types of vehilces
7. Give more road space to buses and give separate limited lanes for private vehicles
8. Give 30-40 times more preference to public transport than private transport.

I am sure the necessary authorities in Bangalore city in charge of traffic will give heed to these ideas and try to ease the traffic congestion on bangalore roads.

© Alliance University, Bangalore. Ideas presented here are copyrighted by the Operations batch of July 14 MBA batch, Alliance University in Bangalore.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Data Visualisation Presentation..

Dr. Sukanya explaining the finer aspects of Data Visualisation in R Today 19 July 2019, Business school and Engineering school of Alli...

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