Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Watch out for the dangers facing the country !

Arvind Kejriwal - Modern day Gandhi ..
We all know that during the past one week, Delhi in India was going through a great electoral process. The people of the state of Delhi were trying to elect a new Government to rule them.

The PM of India, his 20 cabinet ministers, 120 members of parliament and a vast army of supporters and soldiers from the lunatic fringe of society, a week back were trying mass-polarisation and communalisation of a society ..

All of their efforts crumbled in front of the wisdom of the people, the people of Delhi who voted this lunatic fringe out. The people who believe in peace and communal harmony, who look up to growth, development and a society free of corruption, were led by a small puny man 5 feet plus, the modern day Gandhi !!

Pre1947, we faced the imperialist designs of foreign powers who were trying to kill our society, stall its growth and suppress our freedom and individuality. Now we are faced with communal elements  from our own society, our countrymen who look to take the country two centuries back to slavery and superstition.

The choice is with us .. Be ever vigilant !

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