Monday, February 23, 2015

Another spiral of violence ?

Why is it that all major terrorist organisations of the world starting with Al Qaeda, IS and others are targetting US in a large measure ?

When the western alliance plans to finish off these organisations in the coming few weeks, at a great cost to human lives, the world needs to sit around and have a relook at whether such attacks would trigger another spiral of violence and bloodshed, the target again being US.

Though countries have been fighting each other over at least the past 3000 years, can humanity presently, with all technology and resources at it's command not put an end to this extremism and bloodshed ?

Have religions and their spiritual leaders, instead of bringing peace and succour, been self-serving and instrumental in this escalating bloodshed and increasing this divide ?

Can a global earnest initiative to find the root cause of such localised community specific discontent to find an acceptable solution solve this menace once for all or will the future generations have to live with this uncertainty for a long time to come ?

Why should'nt the rising peaceloving and globally acceptable economies of China and India be given this momentous task of finding a peaceful solution and US take a backseat ?

Thinking loud, and I am sure to ruffle a few feathers particularly with the ineffective global spiritual setup !!


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