Monday, February 23, 2015

Another spiral of violence ?

Why is it that all major terrorist organisations of the world starting with Al Qaeda, IS and others are targetting US in a large measure ?

When the western alliance plans to finish off these organisations in the coming few weeks, at a great cost to human lives, the world needs to sit around and have a relook at whether such attacks would trigger another spiral of violence and bloodshed, the target again being US.

Though countries have been fighting each other over at least the past 3000 years, can humanity presently, with all technology and resources at it's command not put an end to this extremism and bloodshed ?

Have religions and their spiritual leaders, instead of bringing peace and succour, been self-serving and instrumental in this escalating bloodshed and increasing this divide ?

Can a global earnest initiative to find the root cause of such localised community specific discontent to find an acceptable solution solve this menace once for all or will the future generations have to live with this uncertainty for a long time to come ?

Why should'nt the rising peaceloving and globally acceptable economies of China and India be given this momentous task of finding a peaceful solution and US take a backseat ?

Thinking loud, and I am sure to ruffle a few feathers particularly with the ineffective global spiritual setup !!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Watch out for the dangers facing the country !

Arvind Kejriwal - Modern day Gandhi ..
We all know that during the past one week, Delhi in India was going through a great electoral process. The people of the state of Delhi were trying to elect a new Government to rule them.

The PM of India, his 20 cabinet ministers, 120 members of parliament and a vast army of supporters and soldiers from the lunatic fringe of society, a week back were trying mass-polarisation and communalisation of a society ..

All of their efforts crumbled in front of the wisdom of the people, the people of Delhi who voted this lunatic fringe out. The people who believe in peace and communal harmony, who look up to growth, development and a society free of corruption, were led by a small puny man 5 feet plus, the modern day Gandhi !!

Pre1947, we faced the imperialist designs of foreign powers who were trying to kill our society, stall its growth and suppress our freedom and individuality. Now we are faced with communal elements  from our own society, our countrymen who look to take the country two centuries back to slavery and superstition.

The choice is with us .. Be ever vigilant !

Friday, February 13, 2015

A knowledge explosion - MOOC ..

With so much of high-end knowledge in formal form ( MOOC) by some of the top univs and profs of the world available as short courses for free at,, etc. we need to really brainstorm how this can be used for the benefit of mankind across the globe.  I integrate a Stanford Uty course for my students in Bangalore app 90 presently, as additional knowledge with weekly quizzes etc..

All access to MOOC courses should be given for free by internet cos.

Can we brainstorm ? An explosion of knowledge of galactic dimensions is happening and how do we leverage it for the benefit of mankind ? Any help pl..??


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cooking up economic growth figures !!

India trying to "china-tise" its GDP growth estimates from 5.5% to 7.4% overnight !!

What was the necessity for the indian finance minister to do this, for some cheap electoral oxygen. Anyway the India juggernaut is trudging along and it is going to lead the world, nobody need have any doubt on this !

Whatever be the measurement parameters and the base year, let the economy grow ! Cooking up results for temporary showoff may not be good in the long run !

We may run into a bigger predicament borrowing more and end up as the world's largest debtor nation overtaking the US !!


Saturday, February 07, 2015

India to see change in ten years .. politicians need to mature ..

The step by Aam Admi Party not to accept the baited support of Shahi Imam Bukhari in Delhi elections, denouncing attempts to give a communal tinge to the electoral process, is commendable.

The people of the country look forward to the day when BJP too matches up to the courage and boldness displayed by AAP and throws its communal crutches and denounces its association with notorious anti-social groups.

Maybe the PM and his party are not mature enough as AAP and not confident of standing on their own feet without having to depend on such communal groups for their survival.

In the next ten years, we may see this positive development of delinking politics from communal groups in the country, not for the present by all.

Friday, February 06, 2015

8% GDP growth helped reduce poverty: UN report

ndia still has 270 million people living in poverty. Stark truth .. UNESCAP report.

Let us face it and act on it without blaming the west for their misrule and enslaving of India for over 300 years. ( India is taking sweet revenge by growing to three times the UK economy and relegating UK to #10 globally)

Can Modi live upto Dr Manmohan Singh's record in growth of Indian economy and poverty alleviation MDG .. hope Modi acts on this fast and stops his pretensions before it is too late. Seven months and nothing happening ? The Delhi elections will be the real shocker for Modi.

8% GDP growth helped reduce poverty: UN report:

Monday, February 02, 2015

India in 2050 AD ..

Was just wondering, as per a reliable scenario forecast, when Indian GDP touches $86,000 billion in 2050AD, and #1 in the world, per capita GDP of $48k - 60k, ie. 1200% growth, how will the city look like ? 

How will the country be like ? How will the occupation of people change ? Health standards ? Infrastructure ? Equality in distribution of wealth and prosperity ?

Mind boggling scenario ! (world #1 economy China is just $18,000 billion now) ..

Tennis ball game ..

This morn I played the kaizen tennis ball game in the class.

Students were excited and came up with lot of continuous improvements to reduce the time to 9.6 secs.

Enjoyed the game !

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