Thursday, January 15, 2015

The farce behind the palmolein case in kerala ..

In 1992 the then Kerala CM K. Karunakaran, through a cabinet order purchased of palmoil from Malaysia, which was okayed by the Kerala State Civil supplies corp.

In 1999, the Left front govt instituted an enquiry on the purchase which they said resulted in a loss of rs. 2 crores. It was at the same time 1992, that Tamil Nadu also imported palmoil from the same malaysian company at rs 10 crores more than what kerala paid.

The marxists were not interested in fighting the issue in TN.

20 years after the HC exonerated the kerala civil servants of any wrong doing in the case, other than following a govt order, the Marxists were not ready ro give up.

Will they fight to get the TN CM during that time involved in the case and broaden the scope ?

Let better sense prevail.


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