Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy new year 2015 !!

New Year wishes to all inhabitants of planet earth from the Greatest, Biggest, Noblest, Largest, non-invading and most hospitable  Democracy on planet Earth, India.

We may falter, we may fail, we may miss targets, we may underachieve, we may not be able to protect our minorities some times, but one thing all 1.22 billion of us of the 7.2 billion walking on planet earth can vouch for is, we are moving forward unitedly, taking our country ahead, exploring beyond the confines of our planet to unforeseen frontiers !

As can be seen from the economic history of the world, we are preparing once again to give economic and technological leadership to the world after a blip in the timeline of world history of 350 years, by 2050 AD.

We wish our fellow inmates all over the world, a peaceful, pleasant, prosperous 2015. We are with you, you can count on India forever !!

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