Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama and the great Indian democracy !!

A great demonstration of the vibrancy of Indian democracy - last time Obama came to India he was received by Dr Manmohan singh, this time Obama is being treated by Narendra Modi, the new PM.

On both the occasions the Leader of Opposition also gets the privilege to meet the vising US Head of State.

The nation respects the US dignitary as if nothing happened in the country in the intervening three years, no political chaos and no political disturbance, just smooth political transition ..

Indian democracy at its best !! We Indians can be really proud of the greatness of its people and rich democratic traditions..

Neighbours' envy (China), owners' pride !!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

The farce behind the palmolein case in kerala ..

In 1992 the then Kerala CM K. Karunakaran, through a cabinet order purchased of palmoil from Malaysia, which was okayed by the Kerala State Civil supplies corp.

In 1999, the Left front govt instituted an enquiry on the purchase which they said resulted in a loss of rs. 2 crores. It was at the same time 1992, that Tamil Nadu also imported palmoil from the same malaysian company at rs 10 crores more than what kerala paid.

The marxists were not interested in fighting the issue in TN.

20 years after the HC exonerated the kerala civil servants of any wrong doing in the case, other than following a govt order, the Marxists were not ready ro give up.

Will they fight to get the TN CM during that time involved in the case and broaden the scope ?

Let better sense prevail.


Jiji Thomson new Kerala CS seeks blessings from conscience keepers of society ..

Kerala Chief Secretary designate Jiji Thomson seeking blessings from Malayalam poets and gurus Vishnu Narayan Nambuthiri and Sugatha kumari yesterday in Trivandrum.

Finally we have a CS who cares for fine arts and is willing to listen to the conscience keepers of society !

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Comet 67P ..

If the 4 billion year old comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko moving around the sun in the Kuiper belt close to Jupiter, (orbital period around the sun of 6.45 years and max velocity of 38km/sec), on which the unmanned lander PHILAE from the orbiting ESA spacecraft Rosetta has landed after a10 year journey in interplanetary space, were to fall in New York city, the pic shows how the NYC skyscrapers would be dwarfed by 67P.

European Space Agency (ESA) deserves full credit for getting an unmanned spacecraft to land for the first time on a comet, which had no activity for the past 4 billion years ie. 4,000,000,000 years !!  (in comparison earth is 11,000,000,000 years old and bronze/metal age started just 8000 years back)..

Wow ..... getting goosebumps on my body !

Thursday, January 01, 2015

100 days of Mangalyaan ..

Spectacular 100 days for India's Mars Orbiter, MANGALAAN in Martian orbit on jan 2,  with enough fuel to last another 15 years !! (demonstrating finesse, mastery and technical competence in high tech inter-planetary unmanned missions)

ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan who just stepped down yesterday could not have given the country a much better parting gift with his trusted colonels, one of them being our own P. Kunhikrishnan, Mission Director for Mangalyaan.

Happy new year 2015 !!

New Year wishes to all inhabitants of planet earth from the Greatest, Biggest, Noblest, Largest, non-invading and most hospitable  Democracy on planet Earth, India.

We may falter, we may fail, we may miss targets, we may underachieve, we may not be able to protect our minorities some times, but one thing all 1.22 billion of us of the 7.2 billion walking on planet earth can vouch for is, we are moving forward unitedly, taking our country ahead, exploring beyond the confines of our planet to unforeseen frontiers !

As can be seen from the economic history of the world, we are preparing once again to give economic and technological leadership to the world after a blip in the timeline of world history of 350 years, by 2050 AD.

We wish our fellow inmates all over the world, a peaceful, pleasant, prosperous 2015. We are with you, you can count on India forever !!

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