Saturday, December 27, 2014

US gives Pak a free pass and $1 billion

US gives Pak a free pass and $1 billion

a pity that US never wants peace to return to Pakistan or to Indo-pak borders.

By ensuring that the Haqqani group of AlQaeda (bad taliban) is contained on its northen borders with Afghanistan and doing nothing to contain the LeT and LeJ (good taliban) groups in Punjab on Pak's India borders, US is playing into the hands of Pak military and intelligence, much to the shock and surprise of India.

By promoting and covertly funding Pakistan ( on borrowed funds) as the epicentre of global terrorism, US is sadly risking its own stand as wellwisher of global peace and interests vis-a-vis selfish interests of fishing in troubled waters.

Indeed, birds of the same feather, flock together ! Its high time India understood its real wellwishers and enemies who are out to block its economic march to global economic and technoligical leadership of the world ! via @timesofindia

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