Saturday, December 06, 2014

NASA and lack of cost awareness ..

Is NASA or its private contractors spending money wisely or burning it off in the Orion project ?? 8 billion dollar project ! Just like Apollo missions or space shuttle project, will this also go down the drain ? Be mercilessly chopped off for being a finanacial drain ?

US every day spends $2 billion more than it earns from its citizens by way of taxes ! And to keep it the favourite destination of the brains of the world, it has to constantly market itself in many different avatars to hoodwink the people - making it in the process more and more indebted, from $16 trillion to $20 trillion and beyond, ready to bring unimagined suffering and hardships for its people !

It will take many years for NASA to realise its folly !! First learn to control COSTS !!

Let those who can understand the consequence, brood over it. Anyway, ignorance is bliss !!


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