Sunday, December 28, 2014

Can ISRO overtake NASA ?

Having already given leadership to the world in the space race by giving "cost innovative" and tech innovative solutions (slingshot tech in Mars orbiter mission), ISRO is just a couple of years of overtaking NASA. Having overtaken China and European countries, it is already raising eyebrows world over !!. Those who underestimated India's potential and left for greener pastures are having a rethink.

The $2.5 billion Mars Rover Curiosity is NASA's greatest pain .. NASA is just playing with money, not wisely though.

Unless NASA learns cost innovation, they are bound to be doomed like their Apollo and Space Shuttle missions ..

Wishing ISRO great success in giving "leadership to the world in space exploration for the benefit of mankind" in the new year and the coming years !

With rapid strides in communication and natural resource exploitation, combined with accurate weather prediction, navigational guidance and disaster prevention, who knows what's in store for mankind if he exploits space some more ?


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