Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is real and God is 'no wizard'

Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is real and God is 'no wizard' via Yahoo News Digest

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If the Big Bang is for real, about 13 billion years ago, then spiritualism will exist, but religions will crumble ..

We cannot wish away this statement from the head of the 1200 million strong religious congregation.

In contrast as a 2.5 million strong congregation, are we open enough, informed enough and bold enough to take a stand ?

Let us take a scientific peek into solving this dilemma of religion vs spiritualism or continue with the status quo.  Muddying the waters of reason and sanity with the blurred concept of a supreme creator is what Pope Francis is trying to avoid.

Clarity comes from understanding, understanding from knowledge, knowledge comes from experience .

Let us delve ino this question with all sincerity.

George Easaw

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