Tuesday, October 07, 2014

How Indian deep space missions are miles ahead of competition ..

Though very racist in nature, this cartoon also stresses the truth how deep space missions are considered very ordinary accomplishments in India and that too at a fraction of the costs incurred by other missions. It not only demonstrates the mastery Indian space scientists have gained over technology, but indeed how far ahead it is of competirion. 

It indeed is a clear reminder how superior Indian deep space missions are in terms of value, costs and reliability compared to the rest of the world, who believe in creating lot of hype surroundung these technologies  (only Indian moon mission could detect water on moon. This Indian Mars mission is additionally burdened with the task of detecting life on Mars, something which has eluded the Mars Rover missions for the last couple of years.  ).

Maybe it is high time to trash other country' space missions given the monetary strain (aka white elephants) it is on their economies and the poor image it brings about at sub par performance achievements ..

George ..

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