Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A great collage with jan '13 MBA batch at Alliance University ...

Maybe I took classes for them for three semesters, Lean Operations in sem2, Total Quality management in Sem 3 and Operations Strategy in sem 4, I got very comfortable with the class of 13 Operations specialisation students. ( only some of the students are in the snap)

Coming with prior industry experience too, the batch was a bit more mature than other fresh batches of July. 

I also got to get the students to really explore the industry with the theory which they were studying by asking them to do mini-projects for two subjects and a case study writing for the Operations Strategy paper in the fourth sem. The numerous management simulation games we played and the many cases we discussed in the class, will for ever remain fresh in my mind.

The positive thing with the group was that they were very adaptable and wanted to learn and improve themselves ! Be it a surprise quiz or doing cases, they were always ready . The right attitude !! I wish they carry the same attitude with them in their life, they will be successful in whatever careers they choose.

I am sure they have enjoyed the learning as much as I did.

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