Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is real and God is 'no wizard'

Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is real and God is 'no wizard' via Yahoo News Digest

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If the Big Bang is for real, about 13 billion years ago, then spiritualism will exist, but religions will crumble ..

We cannot wish away this statement from the head of the 1200 million strong religious congregation.

In contrast as a 2.5 million strong congregation, are we open enough, informed enough and bold enough to take a stand ?

Let us take a scientific peek into solving this dilemma of religion vs spiritualism or continue with the status quo.  Muddying the waters of reason and sanity with the blurred concept of a supreme creator is what Pope Francis is trying to avoid.

Clarity comes from understanding, understanding from knowledge, knowledge comes from experience .

Let us delve ino this question with all sincerity.

George Easaw

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Working out a suitable career plan ..

This is an excellent site from University of Kent UK for improving your employability and training yourself with the needed skills to help you in your first job as well as your future career ..

Managing your time effectively..

Analysing your employability skills

Pl go thru the web site which is an excellent one to get you prepared for life.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A great collage with jan '13 MBA batch at Alliance University ...

Maybe I took classes for them for three semesters, Lean Operations in sem2, Total Quality management in Sem 3 and Operations Strategy in sem 4, I got very comfortable with the class of 13 Operations specialisation students. ( only some of the students are in the snap)

Coming with prior industry experience too, the batch was a bit more mature than other fresh batches of July. 

I also got to get the students to really explore the industry with the theory which they were studying by asking them to do mini-projects for two subjects and a case study writing for the Operations Strategy paper in the fourth sem. The numerous management simulation games we played and the many cases we discussed in the class, will for ever remain fresh in my mind.

The positive thing with the group was that they were very adaptable and wanted to learn and improve themselves ! Be it a surprise quiz or doing cases, they were always ready . The right attitude !! I wish they carry the same attitude with them in their life, they will be successful in whatever careers they choose.

I am sure they have enjoyed the learning as much as I did.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

India China border skiemishes ..

With powerful missiles of the Agni III,V series that can nuke any part of China and two naval aircraft carriers, will India through the exercise of a "nuclear deterrant" be able to ward off Chinese threat to claims in Arunachal Pradesh, as India embarks on building 1800 km border road in "disputed border regions" in the Indian side, reciprocating a Chinese move to construct similar highways in remote border regions on the Chinese side ..

Or will commercial interests and hopes of stability and peace cause China to use it's brains to prevent any border skirmishes ?

The world is watching these developments with great interest. Will democracy and the will of the people  prevail over authoritarian, violent,  communist, dictatorial tendencies ?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mangalyaan and Siding spring ..

When by 1:27 am on 20 oct 2014 the tail of comet Siding Spring would have flown past closest to Mars ( or to any planet in known history of mankind), only three countries on earth would have their orbiters or rovers on planet Mars directly study the impact of comet dust in such close quarters !! US, India and a conglomeration of countries from Europe !

Isin't it a great achievement giving a great sense of satisfaction to be counted as one of the topmost technologically advanced countries of the world ?

Neighbour's (china) envy, owner's pride !!

A convoluted plot !!

What a convoluted plot !! Hope the "challenged" people understand it earlier before the bubble bursts !

Ge ..

Thursday, October 16, 2014

IRNSS 1C launched ..

IRNSS 1C is successfully launched and released in desired orbit by ISRO from Sriharikotta at 01:32 hrs this morning 2 hrs back aboard PSLV C26 !!

A pat to Project Director P Kunhikrishnan (in photo) once again ..

ISRO workhorse PSLV demonstrates not only very high reliability in launches but also versatality and innovation in using the same launch vehicle technology for launches to low-earth orbits, geo-synchronous orbits and even planetary missions !!

Mastering real rocket science !!

The rest of the world may not be able to appreciate our innovation and technology of low-cost launches, but this is the deal clincher for all commercial launches by "Antriksh" - commercial arm of ISRO, for all other less developed (and so called advanced :) ) countries of the world !

Remembering the founding father of ISRO Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and all other scientists who have directed and played great roles in all ISRO missions . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola spreading .

The BBC graphic shows the countries outside of West Africa where the Ebola virus has spread and resulted in casualities. Thomas Eric Duncan the first US Ebola victim may have come in contact with scores of school children from seven schools in Texas and adults. The second ebola confirmed US victim is fighting a battle with the virus.

If the situation is so in US, imagine when ir spreads across, what havoc it can bring. Courtesy : BBC ..


Pashmerga princess !!

Vanakkam, Narin Afrin amma vanakkam ..!!

She may be the first woman Commander of the world fighting the might of Islamic State fighters and an insensitive Turkey not ready to defend the Kurds, to protect the town of Kobane in N Iraq, tbough the allies pound IS installations at times !

The commander of the Peshmerga forces, dubbed the Peshmerga Princess, defending the besieged Syrian town of Kobane against IS advances is 40-year-old Mayssa Abdo, who uses the nom de guerre Narin Afrin. She has revealed: 'Thousands of civilians are still inside the town. They can’t go anywhere – all around us is blocked'.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Internet of Things ..

If the printing press, cotton loom and the steam engine triggered the first phase of Industrial revolution, electricity, Internal combustion (IC) engines (powering automobiles, planes, ships, rail transportation etc.), wireless communication and the Integrated Chip powered the second phase of Industrial revolution. 

The IC hardware and software with the power of communication dawned to spawn off the Digital revolution later morphed as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) now offering great potential and promise as the Internet of Things !!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

How Indian deep space missions are miles ahead of competition ..

Though very racist in nature, this cartoon also stresses the truth how deep space missions are considered very ordinary accomplishments in India and that too at a fraction of the costs incurred by other missions. It not only demonstrates the mastery Indian space scientists have gained over technology, but indeed how far ahead it is of competirion. 

It indeed is a clear reminder how superior Indian deep space missions are in terms of value, costs and reliability compared to the rest of the world, who believe in creating lot of hype surroundung these technologies  (only Indian moon mission could detect water on moon. This Indian Mars mission is additionally burdened with the task of detecting life on Mars, something which has eluded the Mars Rover missions for the last couple of years.  ).

Maybe it is high time to trash other country' space missions given the monetary strain (aka white elephants) it is on their economies and the poor image it brings about at sub par performance achievements ..

George ..

Monday, October 06, 2014

Syria, we are weeping with you ..

1,90,000 deaths in Syria from a multi-cornered and complex civil war since 2011, with more than 300,000 displaced, 1,50,000 in the last week alone, rapes and murders almost common events, we can imagine the thoughts passing thru the minds of these young girls.

Realising that the society has completely failed them, these young teenaged female suicide bombers are trying the last arrow in their quiver, blowing themselves up in enemy territories ..

The world can only hang its head in shame !


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