Sunday, September 07, 2014

Values in life ..

Having been with students and young minds throughout my life, I always felt that I need to write in brief on what I feel is success and how students could aim to do well in their life.

1. Regarding the path : Success is not always immediate success, success is a journey. It can come at any point in life. One success does not last forever. It motivates you or energises you to strive for the next one. Our duty is to keep working at efforts, irrespective of the immediate results.

2. Having the right attitude : The future is really bright for the person with a willing mind and the right attitude .. it is bright for the person willing to go that extra mile and put in that extra effort.. Never say no to a request to carry out something new where you have an opportunity to learn something new or interact with a different person or experience something new.

3. Holding on to values : Some of the finer values which we talk of, those of sincerity, humility, honesty, self-discipline, respect for elders and hardwork are the true values one needs for success in life. These are values which we have been taught right from homes to colleges and our workplaces. It has been passed from generation to generation for centuries. Their value only keeps growing more with each passing day.

4. Keeping society over self : Success is not only material, personal, intellectual or financial success. It is actually any act or series of actions that has changed the way of life for the society and its members for the better, less pain, hatred and violence, more of appreciation and motivation, growth and development or ability to influence others lives to help them lead fuller lives and so on..

5. Have a firm, audacious goal : Without a destination, one cannot embark on a journey. Keep your goal, a real big, hairy audacious one, and see how over time your body, mind, heart, friends and society get conditioned to help you achieve it !!

George ..

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