Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Operations Strategy at Alliance for Sem 4, MBA Operations batch ..

The last sem I took for fourth sem MBA students of Jan 13 batch was very eventful because of many reasons. The same batch has been working on my elearning site elearning.alliance.edu.in for the past three semesters and are quite experienced and adept at handling it, be it online quizzes or online assignment submissions or surveys, discussions or wikis..

The one thing I loved with this class of 13 was that we integrated two MOOCs, on Competitive Strategy and Advanced Competitive strategy offered by Prof Tobias Kretschmer through www.coursera.org ( to muy info, for the first time in India too). Even discussed a case on this integration.

Totally during this sem of 4 weeks, I assessed this class on the basis of two assignments, one mid-sem written exam, 13 objective quizzes (based on MOOC topics), 1 paper review quiz and about 17 cases on Operations Strategy right from social media, technology, cloud, R&D, Manufacturing, defence etc.. !! I enjoyed the session very much and I am equally hopeful that the students too enjoyed it as much as I did.

All the time since I got excellent feedback from the students, there was no going back, gave them the best !!


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