Thursday, September 04, 2014

Energy projects - discussions in class ..

Energy is the life-line of the present generation and will remain so for the next 2 centuries with increasing stress on safe, renewable, less polluting energy sources. Seven of the top ten global corporates by revenue are energy based, need I say anything more of this field and its vast potential ?

Right from dishwashing, washing clothes, illumination, transportation, industrial production and consumption, wide usage across hospitality, defence, governance, healthcare, entertainment, food processing, agriculture and other service sectors, energy usage and management is gaining great importance across the world.

Thanks to students and their mini-project with the Spanish wind energy giant GAMESA at it's AP project sites, we had a very fruitful and effective discussion of  wind energy right from the global macro view to the national scenario.

The discussions and learning were of the highest quality (unheard of even with other premier Institutes) for the students and myself of the economics, project preparation and management aspects, technology and business models in wind energy generation , transmission, distribution and consumption.

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