Thursday, September 04, 2014

Al-Qaeda joke doing rounds ..

Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri comes to India, especially the suburbs of Mumbai for possible exhortation and conversion of Muslim illiterates from peace-loving, law abiding citizens to jihadists by indulging in brain-washing. Zawahiri, flush with funds from Saudi and Qatar is of the impression that poor Indians would listen to him.

He goes to the slums, the people greet him with brooms and stones. Poor Zawahiri takes to his heels, after getting many beatings, he hurls himself up and continues running till he jumps to the Arabian sea in the hope of swimming to the Gulf region. Whales spot him swimming, swallow him up and pass over their faeces on African coast, to be eaten by wild dogs and pigs !! What a deep piece of shit is Zawahiri..

Poor Zawahiri goes to hell and finds all his fellow mates there. They take a decision not to meddle with India or Indians ever again and issue guidelines to the Al-Qaeda and Islamic Society cadre who are coming to hell, about 100 every hour as the world has spotted their hideouts and have ostracised them from  planet earth as they are found most worthless to be on the face of planet earth.

Moral of the story :
1. If you have money use it for constructive purposes, not to kill people.
2. You can play around with illiterate people in other parts of the world, not in India.
3. Radicalisation is good in one's native societies but not in foreign countries.

Zawahiri and IS pl keep off.. Never play with this peaceful country called India.

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