Thursday, August 21, 2014

MOOC integration with classroom course ..

Yesterday successfully administered and completed the sixth (user-end) quiz on the sixth module of the Coursera self-paced  MOOC on "Competitive Strategy" for the Sem 4 MBA students on Operations Strategy at Alliance University, Bangalore, India.

Integrating the MOOC with the brick and mortar classroom course, probably for the first time in India was a real exciting and interesting exercise...

Bringing Innovation to the classroom was the intention !! Integrating the live Coursera MOOC on "Advanced Competitive Strategy" by LMU Munich for the same batch  in 2 days. The power of MOOC !!!!

An  international high quality exposure for the students from the best in the field !  The advantage of this is that students get to hear and understand from the best Professors of the world !! (other than me ..:))

My intro write-up to this experiment !!


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