Monday, August 11, 2014

ISIS terror ..

After reading articles, posts and feedback from people from different parts of the world on the crisis that has gripped parts of Iraq and Syria over the past two years and more recently in Northern Iraq over the past one month, we are feeling shocked. Were it not for the US attacks on the Islamic State terrorists, there would have been a bloodshed  and lives of thousands of lives. The world would have had to find an answer to that.

I have been scouring news sites across the Internet to find sources that describe the ISIS horror. Here is a BBC link, authentic which describes how ISIS grew over the years ..

The horrific thing now happening is the deafening silence from the countries of the world, except US, France and Britain. Are the other countries not concerned ? Among the suffering are Yazidis, Christians. Why are believers in other pats of the world not concerned when their brethren in Syria and Iraq are being killed ?

The coming days will see lots of violence and armed attacks in different parts of the world, resulting in loss of thousands of innocent lives. Are we not bothered at all ?

When will our conscience get awakened ? Will political stability inside Iraq and a broad government comprising of Shias and Sunnis there end this senseless violence spreading to the neighbouring countries ? Time will tell..


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