Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disturbing turn of events in the middle east ..

Obama's biggest testing moment is now with the killing of US journalist James Foley ( age 40 years) yesterday thru decapitation after Daniel Pearls murder in 2002. We can expect lot of violence and action in the terrorist hotbeds in the middle east soon of avenge and revenge.

Even though Obama wanted to avoid a confrontation, he tried his level best, it just would'nt work that way ....

In comparison rest of Asia, Europe. Africa and Australia are relatively terror free ..

The world needs to act unitedly to uproot the cancer of terrorist violence and religious fundamentalism from the middle-east forever. If the rest of the world can live peacefully with each other, why is it that some countries in the middle-east cannot do so.

Very disturbing and sad that world events will really turn tumultuous in the coming weeks leading to lot of bloodshed, loss of lives and great suffering and pain.

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