Monday, June 23, 2014

On the philosophical insights of walking..

Walking has been a millenia old pastime by humans and animals alike. Birds fly and fishes swim. All these come naturally to us. Exploring the insights one gets from walking such long distances is explained in the article.

It gives you the relaxation and ability to think off your work.

In all reputed scientific and research establishments, the departments are placed far apart with the result that the students and Professors or scientists and researchers had to walk before attending a class or meeting up with a Professor and so on. This walking takes one off the tension of daily work and routine and gets one to think more creatively.

From the place where I sit in Alliance University to the Library building where I have the classes for the Jan batch MBA students is about 200 metres. I love the walk because once ti am walking, my mind wanders from the routine of what has to be taught in the class, a breath of fresh air enteres my brain  and I start thinking how creative I can be in the class. How can I make the class absorbing and interesting for my end customer, the students.

My earlier boss, Prof Joe Philip Director of Xavier institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore, always goes  for a mandatory evening stroll whichever part of the world he is. It has not only helped him to be more creative and effective in running the Institutes he started, but it has also given him loads of good health which is helping him see through old age now.

Daily in the evenings I go for a walk with my wife and our dog Silky a lab retriever in Koramangala sixth block in Bangalore. It is so relaxing and fresh,

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