Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wishing the best in life for Jan 13 batch MBA ..

Jan '13 MBA batch of Alliance University- Operations ..

After the TQM classes got over .. 21 june '14.  Though a small batch, it has been quite responsive, exciting and a responsible batch which wanted to learn many concepts from me. Their questions actually made me review and revise some of the concepts and read more on it. The E-learning site has also been one which helped them to go thru some tough topics in an asynchronous mode of learning.

LtoR : Sumit, Rajesh, Rathi, Ashish, Shashank, myself, Raja, Arun, Sourabha, Bora, Sahil, Kevin and Shashi.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.- Henry Adams

I made them submit numerous assignments by insisting on practical cases of application of the numerous quality tools, do umpteen case studies, and to top it all a mini-project, for which they had to run from pillar to past getting permissions, talking to customers, convincing them about taking part in the study, getting their feedback on the SERVQUAL model.

By doing the activities with their own brains and hands, they will remember these concepts forever .. They know where to use what tool and for what ..

As much as they benefited from my classes, (hope so..), I too learnt from them as I had to read, re-read, prepare, make presentations, create elearning contents and present to them concepts in as simple language and words as possible, at the same time make it all the more interesting, exciting and practically relevant !!

One thing I am doubly sure is that lean and quality will never ever get out of their DNA for sure !!

As I was joking, when all of them are 80+ years of age (hopefully I also should be around then ..:) ), they will still remember the various games we played in the class and the numerous practical applications and cases we discussed.

If that happens, I have succeeded in my job !

George Easaw

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