Friday, May 16, 2014

A thought for India ..

The whole world is watching with great interest at what is going to happen in India, in what way will India give economic, scientific, technological, spiritual, moral and ethical leadership to the world. 

The people want to know, will BJP maintain a hat-trick of defeats with a third defeat straight in a row or save its face this time ? Will Congress give it up to sit in the opposition ?  2004 is very fresh in our memories when thousands of crores of public exchequer money were wasted on the India Shining campaign and BJP lost pathetically .. or will the people of India give them an opportunity to take India from global no.3 to at least no.2 or no.1 ??  Time will tell ..

Hail Indian democracy, largest and greatest in the world. A big thanks to the political parties for co-operating to make these elections a peaceful, memorable and hard fought one. Except for the attempts to browbeat the constitutional offices of EC, nothing went wrong. Now since it is all over, we should rise above petty political differences ..

Neighbour's envy, owner's pride.. The ideals of democracy which our founding fathers embraced sixty seven years back continues to be its greatest strength and unifying force. Any attempts to derail it will be shortlived..

Let not immaturity and ignorance of world history drive us back ..

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