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Analysing Google/Gmail and Facebook .. 12/4/14 ..

It was quite interesting to note the growth and latest data of two great Internet companies, Google and Facebook .. As Google continues to be very innovative and eke out innovative products every three months on an average, the craze and need to interact and be socially active among the people of the world, especially the youth makes Facebook as one of the fastest growing companies on the Internet.

The no of subscribers to Gmail, google's most popular product is 425m users as of June '12, Facebook has 1200 million subscribers as of March '14 and still growing.

Regarding financials from the following table, we see Facebook is catching up with google.

Is there possibility of another giant Internet player capturing the global market in the near future either in social media or cloud based mail/ office apps. ??

Comparing the financials of Google and Facebook the picture gets very clear ..

Parameters            Google            Facebook

Revenue ('13)      $ 68 billion         $ 8 billion
Market cap         $368 billion        $ 151 billion
Revenue/emp      $1.25 million      $ 1.25 million
Income               $ 13 billion         $ 1.5 billion
No of shares        673 million         2600 million

These two companies are the top players in the global IT scenario ( gone are the days of AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and so on..). As Google continues to gobble great startup companies like aerospace companies to help offer free wifi from space and Nest automation for domestic automation, it is able to offer innovative solutions very frequently to the people of the world.

List of acquisitions by Google so far ..

What started with Google acquisition in 2001 with Usenet , went thru many acquisitions, as much as 147 (as of April '14). Prominent among them were youtube in Oct 2006 for $1.25 billion, Double click for online advertising in 2007 for $3.1 billion, Motorola Mobility in Aug 2011 for $12.5 billion, WAZE, GPS navigation software in June 2013 for $0.97 billion, Nest Labs in Jan 2014 for $ 3.2 billion.

The future is for Google ( given its creative and innovative work environment ) at least for the next ten years given its passionate hunger for innovations and ideas for shaping the new developed world of the 2020s..

Why is Google doing all this ?? No one has the idea, but we can only safely assume that these are all being done by Brin and Page with good intentions to benefit mankind. The other positive idea coming out of this is the impact of technical innovations on thepeople of the world.. We are positive that Google's positive actions ( we do not have any idea what it could be) will make a definitive change on the world and the way we live, whether it is for the good or bad, only time will tell ..

Titan solar drone .. free wi-fi access points in space, google plans..
pic courtesy Titan Aerospace..

ge.. (data from, the
knowledge engine. 12/4/14)

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