Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why immigrants keep flocking to the shores of United States ?? ...

India with 1.22 billion people, ie 122 crores of people is at the same time a great powerhouse of ideas and has all the potential to be a big headache for the world.

With a median age of 26.8 years, ie. 610 million people below the age of 26.8 years, it holds a great promise for the development of India and for catapulting it to the forefront of the nations - if only every Indian acted in unison and with a single minded purpose , to take the country forward. The good thing is that democratic credentials of the country, the greatest and largest democracy in world history, India does not carry a big baggage of having carried out oppression against any people of the world.

Throughout its history India has only been invaded and on every occasion, it has assimilated the positive things from the invading forces and discarded the negative features. At two times in its recorded history of 9000 years,  people have migrated from its shores to other parts of the world. Both the times it has been slaves, first time it was manual slaves, to do manual petty jobs working as slaves in tea and coffee plantations in Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) etc in the 1700s and then later in the 1960s onwards when they have been moving out as intellectual slaves to Europe, US, Australia etc..

In contrast, United states of America which over 500 years since the first white immigrant landed landed on the shores of North America has engaged in planned genocide of the original inhabitant and the original owner of the land, the native American Indian, 50-100 million of them, worse than the Nazis under Adolf Hitler. 

Unlike India, US is founded on blood and violence and will carry this guilt throughout.  As a natural consequence of its actions, US will be subject to untold violence and genocide. It is nature's irrefutable theory of consequential actions. 

Nature cannot differentiate between good deeds and bad deeds, only carries forward the consequences of one's actions. In spite of this , immigrants from all parts of the world still keep flocking to that land, do not know what attracts so much people to its shores - the smell of blood of the original owners ?

Educating the common man of the dangers of immigration may help only little, but even if I am able to convince even one person from immigrating to US, it will be a great deed for the peace of the butchered. massacred souls of millions of original American Indians.


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