Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lessons from the Tennis ball Kaizen game

These are some of the learnings from the "Tennis ball Kaizen game" (played during March 2014 in class) which came from the students. Some of them are profound and thought provoking !
 Gr 1 -        "The major take away from the game were team work co-ordination and 'Yes We can' attitude. The goal setting aspect was very persuasive in making us work harder. As the process times kept on decreasing with our competitors, there was an environment which fostered development and continuous improvement. The game also gave us an opportunity to do out of box thinking and all barriers for our ideas were removed"

Gr 2 - "We were more interested in knowing the positions of the players which will help increase the effectiveness and reduce the overall cycle time." 

Gr 3 - "Continuous Improvement / Kaizen helps reduce the wastage of time and the task can be completed in shorter time period in an effective and efficient manner" 

Gr 4 -  "Lean thinking plays a key role in making successful and decisive strategies. Waterfall strategy played a significant role to reduce the time duration to a great extent. Communication and mutual understanding is inherently linked to the core of making these strategies. Better understanding creates better opportunities for success." 

Gr 5 - "The game helped to develop a way of thinking in us to reduce the process time and reduce waste continuously leading to continuous improvement."

 Gr 6 - "The game helped us in forming teams, getting members involved in the task while teaching the "we can" attitude which is necessary for continuous improvement " 

Gr 7 - "The game was all about  team building, problem solving, problem identification, continuous improvement

Gr 8 - "Lean is involving everybody in the project or activity or process to creatively come up with improvement ideas while managers get out of the way

Gr 9 - " Lean is all about getting people directly involved with a process to creatively come up with improvement ideas while managers get out of the way "  

Gr 10 - "The game taught us a powerful lean lesson of team work, direct involvement and continuous improvement


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