Friday, March 07, 2014

How great spiritual scholars communicate ?

I happened to read some of the great works of HG Paulos Mar Gregorios, listened to some talks and writings by Fr Dr. K M George and other learned people in the Malankara Orthodox Syrian church as also some good speakers from other denominations.

One point which I came across, is that all of them use the human brain and intuition from the spiritual perspective as the greatest weapon in their reasoning and explanation. They never browbeat the audience or reader checking his or her in-depth knowledge of the Bible verse by verse.

Taking a verse from the Bible and then dissecting it and beating it repeatedly till the last juice has been taken out of it is a usual ploy used by most of the Biblical speakers, especially in conventions, to kill time and capture the attention of the audience. But there are some of them who deliver high quality stuff with enough points and matter.


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