Friday, March 07, 2014

Beware Televangelists or TV evangelists ..

Morning time one cannot switch on any TV channel as it is full of Televangelists try to brow beat you with all sorts of promises of wealth, health, happiness and so on.

We find people with the Bible and ready to shout you down, making us completely guilty of our normal life, promising us happiness, good health, wealth and so on, if we do as they command. Beware, run away from them. These televangelists are speakers who bore you till the end. They pay for TV time or get paid for TV time depending on the popularity of the speaker. Thesespeakers try to confuse you with select passages taken from the Bible and interpreted their own way, ( these people are not not responsible to anyone, do not belong to any conventional group or church and can talk any thing they want in the name of preaching to confuse the believers). They give an impression that by listening to them, Gods divine grace through the wireless signals will come to you from the TV studios in which they stand. Usually these are recorded and played at different times, making the whole thing a big farce.

So, the next time you switch on the TV, you see some of them on TV , switch it off or switch over to another channel. Your time will be well spent.


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