Friday, February 14, 2014

Why a United Andhra means a lot to the people of Andhra..

I was born in Guntur as also my brother, which is part of the Seemandhara area.

Telengana was under the Nawab and less developed , educationally and financially, even though the Nawab was the richest person in the world at a point of time. The coastal Andhra was under the British who over the centuries saw that the place was educationally advanced. All major rivers flow through Seemandhara area. All the major CMs of Andhra have been from Seemandhara area.

I was told by my friends that the people of Telengana were so lazy under the Nawab. The dialect of Telugu spken in Telengana is used for comedy slang in movies. The people in Telegana are so lazy they get up at 11 am.

All growth of Andhra Pradesh and the develoment of Hyderabad has been as a result of the efforts of the hardworking, educationally and culturally advanced CMs who all have been from coastal andhra and people of Seemandhara. Chandra Babu Naidu even lost the last elections in Andhra as he was seen going out of his way to make Hyderabad the IT capital of the country.

Dividing Andhra into Telegana and Seemandhara is against the wishes of 80% of the people in Andhra. When the state was formed in 1956, Kurnool was the capital in Seemandhara. To help growth and development of Telengana, Hyderabad was elected to the capital of United Andhra and the people and politicians of Andhra have been putting their hard work to its growth from 1959 onwards. The move by K Chandrasekhar Rao to carve out Telengana is but a very selfish move from him. The people and state of Andhra will never forgive him or his children for their excesses against the people of Andhra.

A this late moment, to divide Andhra is a very poor action of the Congress party, the party is out of sync with reality happening in the villages and towns. It appears Sonia Gandhi has vested interests in seeing that she would not give a United Andhra to Chandra Babu Naidu who is set to come back to power in Andhra.


Even though BJP and YSR Congress, had given assurances to Congress they would support Congress move to bifurcate Andhra, a late minute rethink by both parties to backstab Congress will teach Congress a lesson or two.

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