Friday, February 07, 2014

The GREAT Indian democracratic exercise of 2014 .. World's envy ..

The current democratic exercise taking place in India is simply amazing .. No where in the world at any point of time in history has so many people, more than 800 million eligible voters  are going to elect their representatives to represent them in the topmost powerful law making and governing body of the country, the Lok Sabha, ever voted in the greatest and biggest democratic exercise of the world. China can never dream of such a possibility, not even the third most populous United States, one third the population of India.

In fact the role played by the press and media in India now is so very important, that no major developed educated country in the world can ever boast of being able to carry out a giant exercise of this magnitude, done after so much intelligent discussions, actions, provoking thoughts, speeches, welfare activities and the like. Perhaps in human history this will be the greatest public engaged activity ever ..

The politicians in India are gaining experience and wisdom from the process and are playing it safe and cool. There are centrists, as well as rightists and communalists from the extreme right, moderate leftists and extreme leftists, regional parties trying to etch out a portion of the pie for their selfish interests. There are newcomers with a superior intention to cleanse the system of corruption, not wit a political intention to remain in power and loot the state. The political reality that has emerged over the years is that the national parties cannot get majority on their own, they have to share power in coalitions (as was done in the earlier two or three general elections) with these regional parties who are an aberration to the political scene of the country.

The wide coverage of the 2014 general elections, thanks to an ever vigilant, vibrant media and press makes one wonder to what great heights the Indian Democracy will rise.

The first National General Elections 2014 debate on "Political Leadership" held last night, Thursday, Feb 6, 2014 on Timesnow TV was telecast live to 51 countries worldwide. It is a clear reminder of the interest the world is showing in who takes over reins from April 2014 to rule the greatest country of the world, a great country through all of history and the country that will remain great for a bright future of the world, a country which has produced the greatest spiritual and political leaders of all time.

Even we in India are all looking with great hopes at the path the country is taking, critically analysing the activities of political parties and who can bring peace and at the same time development for all of 1220 million people of the world, raising their standards of living and responsibility to the world, raising their ethical and moral standards like never before.

Were it not for the violence, greed, pillage, exploitation and excesses of the white man in India for about 400-500 years, the Indian people would not have got the opportunity and reason to remain united, work in unison with peace and respect to the world.

We Indians believe that the great sacrifices of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, SC Bose, Maulana Azad in gaining it independence from the British and their statesmanship and vision in leading it thru the past 66 years will for ever remain etched in golden letters for ever.


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