Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rockefellers and ambanis ..

Exactly a hundred years ago immigrants like Rockefellers and Gettys may have engaged in crony capitalism in US by selling the oil they discovered to the people of US and getting extremely rich overnight (depriving and dispossessing the original owners, the American Indians of this wealth) ..

Maybe the US elected representatives were not smart to see through the game then.. (though Rockefeller eventually out of guilt, returned everything to the society ) Can a petty businessman like Mukesh Ambani in India continue to fool the people of our country using the same strategy ?

Should we allow a cheap works contractor like Mukesh asked to drill out national resources, claim ownership of these resources ? Let the people of this land decide ..

April 1 is the ultimatum Mukesh has given to the country to fall in line .. Atrocious !!

Thank you Kejriwal for bringing up such a relevant issue and sensitising the people of this country of the wrongdoings of such core criminals like Mukesh ...

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