Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Raping the country clean of gas and energy ....

The Congress and BJP leadership owe it to the country to give a reasonable explanation of what is happening regarding the greatest scam to have hit post independence India with both the parties being equally compliant and responsible for this sad state of affairs.

Having promoised to deliver LNG at $2.3/mmbtu for the next 17 years and won the contract, it was nothing but great scheming and collusion between the Ministers Deors, Moily and Oil and Gas secretarywith Dhirubhai Ambani, crook #1 in the country to rob the country of thousands of crores of rupees.

All the people who were against Arvind Kejriwal are dumb now as to why only Kejriwal could unravel this deep corruption happening in the country between all major political parties and the biggest corporate house, the Reliance Industries.

It will take some more time for the people to understand the clean intention of the Aam Aadmi party.

One thing happening in the country for the better is this, whoever comes to power atDelhi inthe general elections of 2-14, the going will be tough for them as an ever vigilant press, media and political parties are waiting to expose the crimunals, the rapists and murderers of the country to the people of the world..

An excellent discussion that happened on NDTV is given here.. TOI news report is here ..

Shell representatives who are supplying to Reliance is making a point on behalf of Reliance in this talk, fighting for Reliance.  An example of crony capitalism.

Very sad that there is no one willing to fight for the aam aadmi of the country whose wealth is being raped by these individuals, politicians and corporates.

By listening to the discussion, it is clear how the speakers except for AAP leaders are trying to save their skin and are advocating for their private vested interests against the interests of the state and the people of the country.  This discussion also highlights how important is energy, gas to the Indian economy and how corporates aremaking the people of the country believe that they are doing a great service to the country by raping it..

Our politicians and corporate leaders need to be given a class on ethics, patriotism, how not to be fooled by private vested interests and how not to believe that the common man would take all that they deliver to the people of this country without a pinch of salt or any questions asked ..


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