Friday, February 07, 2014

Excellent placement of Operations major students at Alliance University ..

It was Shivam Tushar of the Jan 12 batch who came to meet me with the good news of his placement at the world No 2. Kuehne & Nagel, logistics company, that actually made me write this short note on the excellent positive atmosphere in the operations stream at Alliance University. Even before the course gets over by end March, over 70% of the 60+ Operations major students from Alliance University Bangalore have been placed in very reputed companies of the world.

As a Professor in the Operations area in this University Bschool, it gives me great pride to see students coming to us before the interview for sound advice on facing interviews, clearing some concepts and after the interview process coming to tell us the good news of their placement.

The major factor for lot of students from the Operations stream getting placed in good companies, some students even getting multiple placements is because of the high quality instruction and the academic challenges we give the students here during the course. The students are engaged by the faculty and introduced to operations concepts more by games and experiences, presentations and case discussions, besides the usual classroom theoretical sessions mode.

The great stress all the faculty members place on students getting practical exposure by way of mini projects for the subjects, mid way through the course, the excellent training and support provided by the faculty and the support infrastructure at Alliance University for the internships and the high quality of dissertation projects in the final semester, all add to the high quality of placements for the students.

Being able to get enough exposure even during the course by doing mini projects / internships / dissertation and then during the interview, leading the interviewer to ask specific questions regarding the mini project / internship etc gives the upper hand to the students to perform well at the interview.

Students from the BSchool getting invited to make presentations at premier Institutes of the world like MIT at Boston etc. and the frequent discussions of journal papers from reputed journals like HBR, SMR etc. in the classroom speaks volumes of the great stress the faculty place on research and introducing students to the recent research developments from across the world. ( Research ideas get included in textbooks after a leadtime of 5-10 years). Being well informed naturally adds to the confidence level of the students and therefore superlative performance at the placement interviews.

Wish all students the best in their endeavours, a great future and a satisfying career .



  1. Thank you for all the support and knowledge we got from you. It was really prestigious to have a teacher like you in our educational path.

  2. Thank you sir for all the support and knowledge you provided us. It was a blessing to have a teacher like you in our educational path.


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