Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arizona State University, WP Carey School of Business Supply Chain series videos ...

Here is an excellent series of 12 videos I found exceedingly useful for students, academics and practitioners of Supply Chain Management around the world. It opens up new facets of thoughts, actions and research in the wide world of Supply Chain Management.

Thank you WP Carey School of Management, Arizone State University.

Module 1. What is Supply Chain Management :

          Module 2. Buy it : Managing Supply.   

Module 3. Make it: Manufacturing and Operations

          Module 4: Move it : Transportation and Logistics.   

Module 5.   Sell it and Service it : Retail Considerations

          Module 6.   Supply Chain Integration 

Module 7. Global Supply Chain Management

          Module 8 : Socially responsible Supply Chain Management  

Module 9.  Business Processes

          Module 10. Measuring Performance

Module 11. Quality Management

          Module 12.  Supply Chains and Information Technology :


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