Monday, January 27, 2014

Why people immigrate or futility of immigration ..

Why do people immigrate ? This thought has always been at the back of my head for a long time. Or for that matter, people with good educational qualifications, first try to migrate to a foreign country or try to get a job in an MNC first. Why does it happen so ? Is India such a hopeless country ? Or have the immigrants lost the balance in their head to ditch their own rich motherland ?

Is living in India so bad or is working with Indian corporates or organisation inferior to working with foreign MNCs ?

I am not saying that xenophilia is wrong nor is xenophobia justified .. coming from a very rich culture which had a profound impact on the world for time immemorial, except for the past three hundred years, it would sound strange to go to a foreign land in search of opportunities, opportunities of a good job otherwise denied in India due to high competition and high intellect ..

 People immigrate between countries for opportunities. For opportunities which are denied to them for being born to a particular set of parents, economic background  religious background and so on. Opportunities in a new land without prejudices he feels has been denied to him back home. It gives him/her chances to improve one's perceived sense of self worth and search for better standard of living, better paid jobs and a higher quality of life in terms of health and enjoyment.

When people migrate wanting to make a different impact on their lives, foregoing all that is their own in their own country, does it bode well for the individual, his future generations to leave his or her motherland and settle in another ?

India has been doing well throughout the whole of history. But we have not flaunted our well being, intellect or wealth for political purposes, to conquer, dominate or subjugate countries. Our political leaders have framed such a constitution for our country that we will never ever try to go aggressive , but only act to preserve our freedom.

In another twenty years, India will once again get to lead the world in all senses, unshackling itself from the bondages of poor development imposed on it by invading cultures. Following our principles of Sanatana Dharma, we will never ever want to rule other cultures, conquer countries, flaunt our wealth or denigrate other cultures, races, religions and civilizations.

India will keep up to the high standards of cultural, spiritual, intellectual excellence it has enjoyed over centuries, at the same time respecting the rights of other countries and civilizations to pursue theirs..

For a person in space or from a different planet, it does not matter whether we are whites or blacks, from India, China or US, tall or short etc.. We are humans.. Let us go beyond all such claustrophobic prejudices and work for a better world.


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