Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unnecessary blowing up of case against Somnath Bharti, AAP Law Minister of Delhi..

What confuses me regarding the case against Bharti, an IIT Delhi Science graduate being hounded by vested interests for his patriotic remarks against some vested interests is whether these people who are raising the objections are raising any serious ones ?  I need to ask these interests, whether they stand for the unity and integrity of the country, whether they stand for the security of women folk in the country or for settling petty personal scores in politics and scoring some brownie points. watch this video.. Politicians of all political parties are missing the woods for the trees !! How sad ..

Here are a group of local dwellers and residents of the area after getting fed up with immoral activities happening with the blessings of some higher ups, try to raise their voice against immoral activities happening around Malaviya Nagar in New Delhi. They go and complain to their elected MLA, Mr Somnath Bharti who also is also the Law Minister. The Minister and the public together ask the Police to conduct a raid, which the police refuse.

Why blow up this case, missing the woods for the trees ? Why are politicians across affiliations not addressing the issue of drug and human trafficking and worried only about the case of over zealousness exhibited by their Minister to help them out ? The common man gets a strong feeling whether the police and the political leaders of the two mainstream parties are hand in glove with the immoral activities happening in the area.

Is controlling immoral activities happening unquestioned in a part of New Delhi or questioning a Minister for some enraged conversation he may have entered into pursuant to finding hints of immoral activity at the place, which is more important for the country ? We should understand that this issue was raised by the Delhi Law Minister not for his personal gain or selfish interests. It was on the request of the people in his constituency that the Minister went to see what is happening and took umbrage at the events.

In my opinion any right thinking individual, having any sort of patriotism for the country, irrespective of party affiliations, would firstly applaud the Minister for boldly taking up this action than gunning for his resignation and blood. The fact is that he is against the establishment with good intentions, to cleanse up the system and not work for its downfall. Working against the establishment is harming some of the vested interests who would love to maintain the status quo, continue with the confusion and troubled consciences and fish in muddied waters.

People who are raising voice against Somnath, should introspect and see whether any of Somnaths' actions were against the states interests of were in his selfish interests ? If so, only then should they shout against the Minister. Else they should let the incident take its normal course, allow Police to raid the site where immoral activities were for sure taking place and book the culprits.

That way the police can reclaim some of its lost respect and reputation among the people of New Delhi.


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