Friday, January 24, 2014

The great Indian democratic debate on AAP Minister Somnath Bharti ..

It is always great to see an over enthusiastic TV crew and an even more enthusiastic public come out in support and against AAP party on TV these days.  watch this video for a clear understanding ..

When the AAP minister, (IIT Delhi Post Grad) Somnath Bharti on the request of his constituency members from Malviya Nagar went to see for himself the activities of possible drug peddling and human sex trafficking taking place there, (which the police had always overlooked) and asked the police to raid the place, the police never acted. Nobody raises a hue and cry for this incident of refusal of the Police which is the main reason for this controversy and continues to be bane for the people of Malviya Nagar. It is a different thing that the incident has actually been a blessing for Indian democracy.

Why did the police officers not act on the request of the concerned MLA of the constitutency and Law Minister of Delhi is a question which we need to ask the police.? Had the police been a little more vigilant and heeded to the request of the people, would the needless post controversy have erupted ? Why are political parties making a hue and cry regarding the post crisis developments when timely action of the police at the right time would have brought it much applause ?

One thing we need to understand is that the Minister Somnath Bharti's outbursts or actions were not for his personal/selfish interests. It was for the people of his constituency.

The other good thing in the Indian democracy is that such deep dissection and analysis of pre and post incident developments will happen only in really "advanced mature and great democracies" like India. ( need not be materially advanced or democracies in crutches..) . The great learning from such incidents and discussions led by the media on TV and all discussion forums across the country of 1200 million in every nook and corner of the country is actually the strength of the democracy in India. I am doubtful whether other countries even after centuries will reach this matured state of political development.

Such advanced democratic exercises involving so many people rarely do happen in any other part of the world. And these discussions help to make the foundations of our democracy, strong, safe and sound.

My request to all political parties and media, Indian and foreign, making a hue and cry against Somnath is to request them to continue this noise for the sake of strengthening Indian democracy. AAP will definitely benefit from this initial ragging exercise by the senior political parties and make it more stronger. It will emerge more mature, responsible and careful in its future conduct.

The other offshoot of the the emergence of AAP, is that of 1) reducing the opulence and waste by ministers by way of unnecessary security and protection to add status (and not necessarily to cover the perceived security threat) and 2) reduction of power tariffs across the country by important states on fear of being caught red handed siding and scheming with the wrong-doers. These actions reaffirm that all is not lost yet . These actions will only make the Indian democracy stronger in the coming years.

This is also a lesson for the other democracies in crutches and self-proclaimed defenders of democracy of the world, to never be worried of initial hiccups and not take actions in haste. As long as the final objectives are pure and chaste, things have to automatically fall in place,. strengthening the hands of a strong democracy, upholding the values of honesty and sincerity, helping improve the transparency of the democratic process.


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