Thursday, January 16, 2014

Out of Eden walk - Paul Salopek, 7 years and 33,000 kms..

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Salopek is on a 7 year long walk covering 33,000 kms tracing the route taken by our ancestors 60,000 years back in spreading out throughout the world.

Salopek's 7 year journey route and its historical significance ..
 Starting from Ethiopia (Jan '13) thru mideast ('14), Dharamsala,India ('15), China ('16), taking a boat and crossing over to Alaska ('17), along western coast of north america ('18),thru west coast of S America ('19) till Cape Horn (Jan '20) ..

 Compressing 60,000 years of human migratory endeavour into 7 years to learn the different evolutions of language, culture, religions, races, human traits and the like .. updates at this site..

Here is the video..
A journey transcending all barriers of race, caste, region, religion, culture and even civilizations .. A jounet through time.

A journey that belongs to all of us ..


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