Thursday, January 16, 2014

Out of Eden walk - Paul Salopek, 7 years and 33,000 kms..

Salopek's 7 year journey route and its historical significance .. pic courtesy NG
Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Salopek is on a 7 year long walk covering 33,000 kms tracing the route taken by our ancestors 60,000 years back in spreading out throughout the world.

Starting from Ethiopia (Jan '13) thru mideast ('14), Dharamsala, India ('15), China ('16), taking a boat and crossing over to Alaska ('17), along western coast of north america ('18),thru west coast of S America ('19) till Cape Horn (Jan '20).

Compressing 60,000 years of human migratory endeavour into 7 years to learn the different evolutions of language, culture, religions, races, human traits and the like .. updates at this site..

Here is the video ..
A journey transcending all barriers of race, caste, region, religion, culture and even civilizations .. A jouney through time.

A journey that belongs to all of us .. Our forefathers did it at least 30- 40 thousand years back.  Because they did it neatly and safely, we are where we are on planet earth today. Their travels and travails across deserts, mountains, oceans, rivers, snow and streams have brought us to where we are today.

To better appreciate how our forefathers overcame all challenges of the untamed nature and the  unpredictable environment we should understand this path.

Paul Salopeck is doing this journey for each of us on planet earth, to better understand our lineage, our heritage and our great cultures, how they have evolved and transformed over the centuries, how we have become what we are today, trying to understand all human endeavours across dimensions of time and space. We get to know of some of the earliest civilizations and cultures, how our ancestors braved the seas and conquered the mountains.

Trying to put an end to the identity crisis we face today of cultures, colour of skin, of faith and religion and of our ancestry. This travel also explains man's constant endeavour to explore and conquer, to grow and develop, to live and let live, to die and be remembered, to leave legacies and footsteps on the sands of time.

With the knowledge, Paul is able to collect and collate in the course of these seven years of travel across the continents, we will be able to better appreciate that we all share common ancestors, be able to understand where and how our human traits of skin colour, hair texture, eyes etc changed to suit local climate and environments.

It has been the constant endeavour of National Geographic Society in Washinton to fund such expeditions to better understand human interactions with the environment and the earth around us, to better appreciate our common characteristics and our uniqueness as a group, as a culture and as a  race.

George.. (picture courtesy National Geographic Society)

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