Monday, January 13, 2014

Medha Patkar to join AAP ..

Finally Medha Patkar also decides to join the Aam Aadmi Party.. 

It is a great news indeed for lovers of democracy in India. The year 2014 is indeed good news for the common man in the country.

The only fear I have is by reassuring the common man, who will be there to  fight for the voiceless 50% of the Indian population ? It was the same question asked by Amartya Sen in his recent book coauthored with Jean Dreze. 

The people of India do not want Kejriwal to fail but continue his fight not only for the well to do common man ( aam aadmi) but also for the totally helpless silent majority who do not have a voice for them.

Kejriwal and Medha together cam make a difference. Kiran bedi taking Anna Hazare also along with him to the communalists is a great tragedy for India. All the name he made among the public of this country is at a great risk of being wasted by this reckless action. Hope Anna will reconsider his decision. His simple opposition to Kejriwal should not make him totally blind to the needs of the country.


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