Wednesday, January 29, 2014

India SC ruling denying gay rights ..

The Indian Supreme Court ruling on criminalising homosexual activity in the country has been warmly welcomed by sensible political parties and citizens groups of the country. It  is actually a victory of sense and simple intelligence over simple pleasure. In the name of enjoyment and nothing else, the gay community is trying hard to make homosexuality legal in the country.

Humans have been created in evolution (or by God) as man and woman. From our basic biological and sexual organs itself, it is clear that nature wanted man and woman to be together. Only a man and woman union can bring another progeny into planet earth. A union of man and man or woman and woman cannot bring progeny into this world. That basic union is by the very nature criminal and illegal.

Irrespective of some litterateurs and intelligensia gunning for its decriminalisation, the LGBT community is a gang of humans trying to legalise unnatural emotions and bringing selfish thoughts and actions into the mainstream. This has to be resisted by all sensible thinking persons in the country, Even if it means that a meagre 10% of society will not find sexual contentment, humanity as a whole cannot allow this 10% to contaminate the other 90% of peaceloving, natural law abiding citizens.

Gay parents cannot bring up straight children - this is the simplest and most plausible reason for not permitting homosexuality in society.

It is very much against nature, period.


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