Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jobin's Nano in front of our house ..

Jobin's Nano ..
My son jobin's Nano ..

I expected Tata Nano to be a small car good for students to take to college etc and not for family.

Now  contrary to my expectations, Nano is becoming my favourite car. It is quite easy to handle and maneouvre on Bangalore roads, not only that, there is enough space for four inside, the car does not drag or go slow. Mileage wise it is giving me close to 18-20 kmph.

I am so happy that Ratan Tata is thinking of relaunching the same from Indonesia, and bringing it back to India, trying to shed away the image of a low cost car. It is low cost, but definitely very great value for the user. Parking is also not a problem as it can easily squeeze into any small area.  Ample leg space when I drive. Given that I am about 178 cm tall, I had a fear that my legs may not be that comfotabnle inside, but I have been proved wrong.

My first car is a Tata Indica and after seven years I am very satisfied and happy about it. My second car is also a Tata, Nano and I do not regret the decision.

Being a hard-core nationalist and patriot, I would be most happy when I see Tata and Mahindra to have matured enough to compete and beat established global brands like Toyota, VW, Ford and GM in India through free and fair competition.

I feel bad that my fellow Indians, who are ignorant about indigenous technology and products still crave for foreign cars. Peace be on them .. Compare Indian cars with foreign ones on the basis of comfort, safety and economy of driving. You will never regret your decision to go for Indian brands..

Go through this TED talk by R A Mashelkar talking about Tata Nano and Jaipur foot ..


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