Monday, December 23, 2013

Devyani Khobragade incident deliberately being murkied ..

The Dy. Indian Consular general arrest in NY has evoked a lot of response from the political system and media favouring both countries.

The one fact which the US favouring media seems to forget is that the issue at the diplomatic level is being mixed with personal issues relating to Devyani's personal life.

The questions the Indian media and public are asking are from different perspectives :

1. Is the US govt willing to take similar actions against the maids of the embassy and counsular staff from other countries stationed in US if they are also found to violate US rates of pay hourly ?

2. Are US embassy staff in India and elsewhere paying their helps and maids at US hourly rates ? If not why ?

3. Devyani may have been a difficult nut to crack in US spying activities. Is the maid and her family being visa violating any international protocol ? The family being offered visa, is it being used as a trap to punish Devyani ? Is it a ploy to collect India related intelligence and to trap Officers who would not fall in line with US interests ?

4. Even if the Indian Govt keeps cool, and allows US to have its way agreeing to the moral code of conduct regarding hourly wage rates and systems in practice in US, is the US govt ready to allow the Indian Govt to apply the same yardstick to take the US diplomatic staff to task for value systems that are held dearly in INdia ?

5. How can an India Born immigrant attorney, who is all the time out to please his masters and reason out his immigration status in US be permitted to look only at one side of the coin, close his eyes on violations by other countries in US or US violations in other countries? Did not US do a proper application of mind before this issue came out in public ?

6. It appears the personal grudge between the attorney and Indian consular officials in NY have led to events unfolding to such deplorable levels. Should such personal issues be made to shadow the cordial relations between two great democracies ?

The coming weeks the unfolding events will cause many a heartburn for the countries. Let us observe them closely.


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