Friday, December 20, 2013

Devyani Khobragade incident.. US mockery continues ..

The US making mockery of India is being contested heatedly in political and civilian circles in India.

The case of the Indian Dy Consul General in NY Ms. Devyani Khobragade being arrested strip searched etc for a supposed visa fraud relating to her home maid has been catching the news headlines these days.

Lot of discussion has gone into it the past one week on TV and the Internet.

Indians in India have been hurt by this high handed behaviour of an Indian born NY state attorney Preet Bharara who is targeting Indians in particular. He is also associated with the Rajat Gupta case. Rajat Gupta was a private case unlike Devyani where the Indian Govt is also involved as a serving diplomat is under trial.

The issue here is, a matter concerning US society, US has all right to take action. But is this the way diplomats who have not been involved any criminal or spying activities are targeted ? But do they think they are above suspicion in all such cases. The Indian Govt has asked for more info on such delicate cases of violation of Indian rules by US diplomats stationed in India. An example is the case of gay US diplomats bringing gay live in partners. Since the Indian SC has passed verdict that homosexuality cannot be accepted in Indian society, India should firmly take steps to confine these violators of Indian cultural norms.

Hope the Indian govt acts when the iron is still hot.With the US govt unrelenting to our requests, India has to unitedly act now.


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