Monday, December 23, 2013

Devyani Khobragade incident deliberately being murkied ..

The Dy. Indian Consular general arrest in NY has evoked a lot of response from the political system and media favouring both countries.

The one fact which the US favouring media seems to forget is that the issue at the diplomatic level is being mixed with personal issues relating to Devyani's personal life.

The questions the Indian media and public are asking are from different perspectives :

1. Is the US govt willing to take similar actions against the maids of the embassy and counsular staff from other countries stationed in US if they are also found to violate US rates of pay hourly ?

2. Are US embassy staff in India and elsewhere paying their helps and maids at US hourly rates ? If not why ?

3. Devyani may have been a difficult nut to crack in US spying activities. Is the maid and her family being visa violating any international protocol ? The family being offered visa, is it being used as a trap to punish Devyani ? Is it a ploy to collect India related intelligence and to trap Officers who would not fall in line with US interests ?

4. Even if the Indian Govt keeps cool, and allows US to have its way agreeing to the moral code of conduct regarding hourly wage rates and systems in practice in US, is the US govt ready to allow the Indian Govt to apply the same yardstick to take the US diplomatic staff to task for value systems that are held dearly in INdia ?

5. How can an India Born immigrant attorney, who is all the time out to please his masters and reason out his immigration status in US be permitted to look only at one side of the coin, close his eyes on violations by other countries in US or US violations in other countries? Did not US do a proper application of mind before this issue came out in public ?

6. It appears the personal grudge between the attorney and Indian consular officials in NY have led to events unfolding to such deplorable levels. Should such personal issues be made to shadow the cordial relations between two great democracies ?

The coming weeks the unfolding events will cause many a heartburn for the countries. Let us observe them closely.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Devyani Khobragade incident.. US mockery continues ..

The US making mockery of India is being contested heatedly in political and civilian circles in India.

The case of the Indian Dy Consul General in NY Ms. Devyani Khobragade being arrested strip searched etc for a supposed visa fraud relating to her home maid has been catching the news headlines these days.

Lot of discussion has gone into it the past one week on TV and the Internet.

Indians in India have been hurt by this high handed behaviour of an Indian born NY state attorney Preet Bharara who is targeting Indians in particular. He is also associated with the Rajat Gupta case. Rajat Gupta was a private case unlike Devyani where the Indian Govt is also involved as a serving diplomat is under trial.

The issue here is, a matter concerning US society, US has all right to take action. But is this the way diplomats who have not been involved any criminal or spying activities are targeted ? But do they think they are above suspicion in all such cases. The Indian Govt has asked for more info on such delicate cases of violation of Indian rules by US diplomats stationed in India. An example is the case of gay US diplomats bringing gay live in partners. Since the Indian SC has passed verdict that homosexuality cannot be accepted in Indian society, India should firmly take steps to confine these violators of Indian cultural norms.

Hope the Indian govt acts when the iron is still hot.With the US govt unrelenting to our requests, India has to unitedly act now.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jobin's Nano in front of our house ..

Jobin's Nano ..
My son jobin's Nano ..

I expected Tata Nano to be a small car good for students to take to college etc and not for family.

Now  contrary to my expectations, Nano is becoming my favourite car. It is quite easy to handle and maneouvre on Bangalore roads, not only that, there is enough space for four inside, the car does not drag or go slow. Mileage wise it is giving me close to 18-20 kmph.

I am so happy that Ratan Tata is thinking of relaunching the same from Indonesia, and bringing it back to India, trying to shed away the image of a low cost car. It is low cost, but definitely very great value for the user. Parking is also not a problem as it can easily squeeze into any small area.  Ample leg space when I drive. Given that I am about 178 cm tall, I had a fear that my legs may not be that comfotabnle inside, but I have been proved wrong.

My first car is a Tata Indica and after seven years I am very satisfied and happy about it. My second car is also a Tata, Nano and I do not regret the decision.

Being a hard-core nationalist and patriot, I would be most happy when I see Tata and Mahindra to have matured enough to compete and beat established global brands like Toyota, VW, Ford and GM in India through free and fair competition.

I feel bad that my fellow Indians, who are ignorant about indigenous technology and products still crave for foreign cars. Peace be on them .. Compare Indian cars with foreign ones on the basis of comfort, safety and economy of driving. You will never regret your decision to go for Indian brands..

Go through this TED talk by R A Mashelkar talking about Tata Nano and Jaipur foot ..


Monday, December 16, 2013

Innovation : multiple aspects ..

Uthradam tirunal no more ..

Uthradam tirunal marthanda varma of is no more. The last living monarch from the richest royal family of the world. Also the most simple, spiritual, erudite, humble and philantropic family ... At wealth worth $200 billion, it dwarfs the Vatican ($20 billion) and is 30 times the British royalty ..
George ..

Friday, December 13, 2013

At ASC HQ Bangalore ..

At ASC HQ Bangalore interacting with Senior Officers.. Colonels and and Lt. Cols. 

Interacting with senior officers in a session on SCM at the Army Service Corps HQ in Bangalore... Sept '13 ..  Great interaction with gentlemen of impeccable character and integrity ..


Monday, December 09, 2013

Toyota's top 5 secrets ..

It is

1. Long term planning
2. Studious speediness
3. An open mind
4. An obsession with reducing waste and
5. Humility

Very true .. There are more to Toyota than just its Operations management which is very unique in the world.

Read more here ..


FMEA , excellent link ..

In preparation for my classes coming up next term..

Another doc here ..

I have prepared another link on FMEA related to going for a long journey in car. click here..


Caterpillar - another great manufacturer .. Caterpillar Production System ..

This is a good video which tells about the Caterpillar  Production System ..

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Being creative and Innovative..

Preparing for the Managing Innovation and Technology class for MBA students of Alliance University, I have been trying for material which will help me to deliver an original class to students.

Make it a point to go to and see whether any of the great Universities of the world are offering a course on improving and managing innovation in the modern world.

Here are a set of evercises for training and building creativity and innovation for everyone..
More links will follow..


Comparitive costs of national space agencies ..

Some interesting statistics on costs of national space agencies.

ISRO works on a budget of $860mn with 15800 employees, China National space agency with $ 1.3 bilion, employees undisclosed, Japanese Aerospace exploration agency (JAXA) with $2.5 billion budget (employees not known), European Space Agency works on $5.5 bilion and 2000 employees, and NASA works on a budget of $18 billion with 20,000 employees..

Father of Indian space program Dr Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai (in pic).

Data Visualisation Presentation..

Dr. Sukanya explaining the finer aspects of Data Visualisation in R Today 19 July 2019, Business school and Engineering school of Alli...

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