Monday, August 05, 2013

Why is BCCI scared of RTI and Govt control ?

Board of Control for Cricket in India claims to represent the sport in India and selects the national team which represents the country in major tournaments and tours abroad and within India.

They use funds collected by selling tickets to the public to watch the matches played by the Indian national cricket team,

They get tax exemption with respect to their revenue every year.

Wherever Indian team plays or India hosts tournaments, all the sites are exempted from paying the mandated taxes and levies even though they use and exploit public resources to the hilt, like the airport, roads, stadia etc..

When the common man's resources, your and mine tax money is being deployed for neatly and comfortable conducting the matches played by the Indian national cricket team, why should a national team selection body show any apprehension at auditing its accounts, policies and practices.

When the Bombay HC has negated the findings of the discriminatory 2 member panel constituted by the former president of BCCI to enquire allegations  against hm and his son-in-law of corruption and game fixing, why should the BCCI en masse, in one voice support the move to challenge the Bombay HC order in the Supreme Court ?

Has it got anything to do with the past Chairman trying to cover up his past misdeeds or the whole BCCI gang covering up their lakcadaisical running of the organisation and the whimsical, extravegant spending and dividing of the loot ?

when the SC dismisses the plea citing ulterior motives on the part of BCCI to cover up its misdeeds, BCCI would have reached the nadir of unpopularity and earned the distrust of the people.

India cannot wait for these jokers to take the country for a ride. It has to move on and move it will.


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