Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Suitable HR policies in the defence forces..

These days I am taking classes for the defence officers who are on the verge of retiring from the forces after serving the country meritoriously and selflessly for about 20 years. The classes are meant to make them industry ready to take on the challenges of the modern outside industrial commercial, competitive world.

One striking point which comes to my mind is - Is this ithe right time to give them these basics of competitiveness, HR policies, Operations mechanisms and production systems. Would it not have been better if these skills were imparted to them early on in life when their faculties were more receptive to such new ideas ?

These officers, who are very well behaved and extremely disciplined could be used for many of the government's developmental activities.

I have been reading through Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze'  'An uncertain glory' by Penguin Allen lane. In it Sen talks of the desperate state of the schools and primary education in the country. My one suggestion is , if the needy of these are taken up for monitoring some of these schools and gainfully employed will it not be a great service for the country ?


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