Wednesday, July 24, 2013

13 GREAT points to keep in mind throughout life ...

The other day I had the good opportunity to sit through a welcome session given by our new Dean Dr Ravi Rajkumar ( the MIT man ..) to the newly joined first year MBA students.
I found 13 points which he gave to students that would help them remain abreast of competition to be most useful and powerful. I am listing those points here for the benefit of the student community all over the world. 
Coming from a hard core academic with over 16 years of education at MIT, Boston and then another 28 years of teaching and admin experience at National University of Singapore, these principles will only add to our worth and make one a more confident person.
These are really heavyweight points which we can use our whole life !!
Point 1 : Keep abreast of latest happenings and developments in the world around you on a global basis.

Point 2 : Wherever possible ALWAYS try to gain practical exposure ..

Point 3 : Polish your skills and talents

Point 4 : Never stop learning, life itself is a big learning exercise.

Point 5 : Believe in yourself and your abilities, but never be complacent.

Point 6 : Improve your communication skills. It is better to learn a extra language and Chinese is the best !

Point 7 : Identify your strengths and weaknesses, highlight your strong points and overcome the deficiencies

Point 8 : Work on your personality, constantly trying to improve it

Point 9 : Always have proper etiquettes

Point 10 : Never bear grudges and grievances against others

Point 11 : Adopt a positive attitude, take failures as learning opportunities

Point 12 : Do not be afraid to take risks

Point 13 : Do not depend on others to get your work done, and also do not be disappointed if they do not help you..

Hope you find these points useful .. Keep this in mind..
Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people            - Hugh C Cameron

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