Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand landslides ..

Really tragic to see the Himalayan Tsunami striking the sacred town of Kedarnath on the Mandakini river at Kedarnath town in the Garhwal Himalayan range last week.  It is one of the holiest Hindu places of worship with  a Shivalinga placed there. The shrine is open only from April to end November every year to pilgrims.

The image of Kedarnatah before the landslide and after ..

Nature's fury ..

The army has been doing great service in evacuating people, about 73,000 have been evacuated so far .. Read this link ..  of the temple priest recalling the horror.

It is very sad, as is usual for all major calamities, that some petty political parties are scoring petty political points and trying to claim credit for the rescue efforts undertaken by their leader. They claim thousands have been evacuated by their one leader when the army and air force could not do much. So petty .. The people are neglecting this communal leader and his cronies..

The admin says it may take upto three years to reconstruct the shrine as the idol has been removed.

Nature's fury is unpredictable..

This also exposes the Govt preparedness in tackling such disasters. One of the greatest disasters India has had after independence. The death toll may cross more than 30,000 they say ..

ge.. (photo courtesy

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