Saturday, May 04, 2013

In fond memory of Charlie

Charlie was indeed a very quiet and reserved person. My acquaintance with him goes back to 1987 when I was in MRF Goa and Charlie and Deepa came there after quitting Charlie's job at Mavoor Gwalior Rayons in Calicut, Kerala.

Little did I know that God would take him from this world so quick at a ripe age of just 53 years.

Charlie's ancestral home at Chennithala, Mavelikara is just a km away from our ancestral place. 

May his soul rest in peace .. May God give Deepa, Karthik and Thilak courage and conviction to hold on to  the discipline and values Charlie held so close to his heart.  Let the boys tread on in the good path Charlie showed to them..
George and Anila ..

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